Choosing the best musical keyboards

What are the best musical keyboards for you? Well it's all about your personal preferences. It's all about the features you're looking for.

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Should you buy a keyboard that comes with recording capability or not? Let's talk about this feature. Hopefully this can help you decide what are the best musical keyboards for you.

Personally, I've always liked keyboards with a recording feature. When I was just starting out on keyboards I didn't have such a keyboard and was always longing for one on which I could sequence. I guess it was the arranger in me from that early age. Recording capable keyboards have helped me develop a great deal.

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Some keyboards come with as little as a two track sequencer allowing you to record two instruments and play them back simultaneously. For example you can record bass and piano parts and play them back while playing a saxophone voice.

5 or 6 track sequencers allow for more complex recordings. In this case you can record let's say, piano, strings, brass, percussion and guitar for instance, and play them back along with a live band.

In choosing your best musical keyboards what you have to check for is the number of tracks that can be recorded. The more tracks, the better. If you're gonna be doing complex sequences you need nothing short of 16 tracks. This will help you create professional arrangements with multiple instrument parts.

Sequencing keyboards are a great learning tool. You can record your practice sessions and play them back to listen to your mistakes or your strong points.

With MIDI, you can lay down your music on your keyboard and transfer it to a computer or recording studio setup. Personally, I've arranged lots of songs on keyboard and taken them to recording studios where I simply change voices and make other alterations. Although now I've been making greater use of recording software like Cubase instead of sequencing on the keyboard itself. It's so much easier.

Logically, you would have to pay more for a more complex sequencer.

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