How to choose the best musical keyboard for you.

What is the best musical keyboard for you?

In choosing YOUR best musical keyboard you would need to ask yourself what kind of display you're interested in getting. Would you like a color display? Do you want one that displays lyrics and score. How about a 640x480 dot matrix display?

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The kind of display you choose all depends on your personal preferences. A basic LCD should should show basic settings such as what instrument or style you have selected. More advanced screens display more information and may even include score and lyrics. Top of the line keyboards take it one step further with large full color monitors that are similar to computer screens.

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If you're looking for a keyboard with an easy to read display, you need a backlit display and not the standard LCD displays. A backlit display is easy to read even in low light.

Perhaps your best keyboard is one that displays score and lyrics. With such a display you don't have to take actual sheet music along with you. You can download them to your keyboard and display them as you play. You don't have to keep turning pages as you play. Your keyboard can even play by itself. You can read lyrics if you like and this makes your keyboard great for sing-a-alongs.

If your display is gonna be showing lots of information, it would be better in color. Color makes it easier to read and understand the information displayed. Everything just looks more organized.

If you're into keyboard displays then bigger is always better. The bigger the display, the more information can be shown at once. Some Yamaha keyboards have screens that range up to as much as 640x480 pixels, similar to a computer monitor.

Your best musical keyboard may just be one that comes with a touch screen. You can change the various settings of your keyboard on the screen itself. I find this kind of screen very convenient, especially for playing live. 

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