How to choose the best music keyboard.

What is the best music keyboard for you?

Should you buy a keyboard with touch response or not? Let's find out what touch response is about and how important it is.

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Personally, I wouldn't buy a keyboard that doesn't come with the touch response feature. Actually, the first keyboard I played as a child didn't come with touch response. (So I guess this was never the best music keyboard for me.) I remember how overjoyed I was when I got one that had that feature and I was finally able to control how loud or soft different notes sounded by applying varying degrees of speed and force unto the keys.

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With touch response, your keyboard will sound like an acoustic piano. On acoustic pianos the harder or faster you strike the keys the louder the piano sounds. This also affects the tone of the notes you play. Strike the keys lightly and a soft sound will be produced with a different tone. A piano is hence said to be velocity sensitive. The same applies to keyboards that come with touch response.

Some electronic keyboards also respond to the force with which a key is held down after the initial impact. Such keyboards are pressure sensitive. This feature is sometimes called aftertouch.

A touch response keyboard is the best music keyboard for students interested in moving on to an acoustic piano, pianists moving from an acoustic piano to an electronic counterpart, or anyone who wants a true acoustic piano feel.

If you need the exact replica of an acoustic piano the best choice for you may be a Yamaha Clavinova. It takes touch sensitivity one step further. It comes with Graded Hammer Effect; the keys are heavier in the lower range of the keyboard and lighter in the higher ranges just like an acoustic piano. Or you can check out some of the digital pianos on this site that come with Graded Hammer Effect.

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