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Technics sx-PR 700 - Lost power cord 
Where can I get a replacement power cord for my Technics sx-PR 700?

Comparison of Yamaha YPT 300 and YPT 310 
I am trying to find the differences in these two keyboards YPT 300 and YPT 310. Which is the newest model and the best.

Yamaha to Garageband 
I have a yamaha keyboard and a USB cable came with it. I want to connect it to garageband on my new macbook so that I can record what I play and edit it. …

Rubber Pad Yamaha PSR-510 
I am using Yamaha Portable Keyboard PSR-510. In that few keys not play i have checked that IC are ok but the condition of rubber pads have some problem. …

For YAMAHA PSR-S900 Help About USB TO HOST and USB TO DEVICE Connections 
I purchased a PSR-S900 Yamaha keyboard and i Want to Know about USB TO DEVICE and USB TO HOST terminal What can i do with it and How ? If there is a Manual …

Midi keyboard (Hello, I really need help) 
My name is Gabriel, I'm Argentinean but living in China since a 2003, I have start playing bongos and harmonica for a while, and now I'm trying to learn …

yamaha keyboard dealer in kuwait 
Hi, I would like to say, i have to plan purchase a new YAMAHA keyboard from Kuwait. Please give the latest version no's also concern dealer address …

best keyboard for band 
Hi everyone, i would like to know which or what kind of keyboard is the best if i want to use it primarily for a band. im looking for a keyboard thats …

replacement lcd display for used yamaha psr 520 keyboard 
Can I get a replacement LCD unit for PSR 520 and how much? It is now impossible to read any settings.

tyros keyboards 
I bought Tyros when it first came out. A couple of years later Tyros 2 was released and I went out and bought that one too. My question is, Will there …

style question about the yamaha psr-s900 
Hello, I purchased a PSR-S900 Yamaha keyboard and I've been experiencing a glitch with the styles from time to time - for example - When I switch from …

Yamaha DGX-220 Keyboard - installation on my new imac 
Hello, I´ve got a DGX-220 Keyboard, and it is great, but i just can't get it installed on Mac OS... All the drivers i can find are only for Windows... …

Yamaha PSR-240 keyboard - no sound 
I have the yamaha PSR-240 keyboard and although the power is on, no sound is playing, are the speakers broken or what could be a possible reason for having …

A keyboard for beginners - which is best? 
hi My children are nearly 5 & just beginning keyboard lessons. Which is the best keyboard for them to start with? What are the features that I need to …

How Do I set the Midi Recieve Channel on the MM6 
I'm using an older Roland RD300 piano which has a great feel to control the MM6 but I can't find a way to set a receive channel on the MM6. The manual …

yamaha psr 22 
Hi, I have a Yamaha PSR 22 Keyboard and am hoping to find out how old it is and if you would rate it. Many Thanks, Regards, Andrew

Yamaha Musicsoft Downloader issue 
I am using Musicsoft Downloader to upload MIDI flie to a Yamaha YPG-225. In order to get it to work, I have to go to the computer Control Panel, specifically …

Midi program for pc (Yamaha PSR E203 keyboard) 
What midi-program for PC with windows xp can be used with an e203 keyboard and a soundblaster live soundcard as midi interface?

Yamaha Keyboard Questions - Previous Submissions

Yamaha Keyboard Questions - Previous Submissions

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