Yamaha Ypt-400/Psr-E403 Keyboard display contrast.

by David
(L.A. California)

How do you change the display contrast on Yamaha Ypt-400/Psr-E403 keyboard. There is nothing in the manual about it, and nobody at the music store will know how to do it.


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May 04, 2011
Fixing the contrast on PSR E403
by: HiddenVision

Just thought I would let people know that there is now a process to fix the low contrast or viewing angle of this display. I am not sure what other keyboards have this problem or if the same display is used, however, it is only possible by internal surgery. Looking at the board I can assure you that there is no way it is adjustable via any menu function (hidden or not). I just put mine back together and now I can see the display from the top and not just when my ears are level with the keys, much better, although the display could be larger !! I will, in the next few days, put up a guide so you can try this yourself. Before then I shall add a small pot to make the contrast adjustable for those that want to go the whole hog. You will need a long philips drive and a soldiering iron, one or two resistors and perhaps a Vpot. The rest I will tell you on this page http://www.hiddenvision.co.uk/yamaha. But give me a couple of days to draw it all up all prety for ya.

Mar 09, 2009
PSR E413 Poor Display Contrast
by: Willie

I just takled with Yamaha tech about my new PSR E413. Same problem, you almost cannot see the display. He said there is nothing you can do except upgrade to a better instrument that has an adjustment. Or return it to the dealer which I may do.

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