Yamaha YPG-635 Keys Issue (Hammer Numbering - Dash Numbers)

My YPG-635 had a couple of keys that weren't sounding, so I figured I would take it apart and troubleshoot. I found damaged traces on LOW key CB. Repaired and works fine. I took the key bed completely apart for cleaning Key bed is all over my kitchen island. I took out all the hammers when doing the cleaning and lubing, not realizing that they were different. I have a chart from the service manual that shows 4 different weights for different parts of the keyboard. W1, W2,W3 and W4. Problem is, my keys are all of those, but have a dash number after the letter, like W-8, W-0, etc.. Have to figure out what the dash numbers are. I actually have a couple that are duplicates, like W-1. Same with the black keys, B1-9 etc.. Baffling. ARRRGGGHHH!

Did find the problem though with not playing correctly. 2 circuit board traces were bad, just used very thin wire and jumpered.
Wondering if any Yamaha techs might know the hammer numbering for this keyboard, or what the dash numbers are.
TIA for ANY input on this.

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