Yamaha YPG625 Review

The Yamaha YPG625 along with the YPG225 and YPG525 debut in June 2006. According to Yamaha, these keyboards are set to replace the DGX line of portable keyboards. The keyboard should sell for about $630 and some online stores allow you to pre-order.

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What immediately stands out about the Yamaha YPG625 portable grand keyboard is the fact that it comes with an 88-key weighted action keyboard. Yet it's a portable keyboard. This is a first for Yamaha. With piano style keys and an ultra real feel, aspiring piano players should be absolutely delighted. If you're a student looking to develop strength in your fingers from the onset, this is the way to go. Don't settle for those light weighted action keyboards.

Yamaha YGP625

If you're into sequencing, you should be happy to know that the  YPG625 comes with a 6-track sequencer. When you want to bring out the arranger and composer in you, you will find this sequencer very useful. My only criticism is the 32 note polyphony. For an 88-key keyboard, I really expected more polyphony. I'm concerned about the problem this can cause when sequencing since only 32 notes can sound at the same time.

The Yamaha YPG625 portable grand keyboard comes with the ever popular Yamaha Education Suite interactive lessons, making it very suitable for students. If you want to develop your keyboard skills these lessons can help quite a bit.

The YPG 625 comes with several other features, including USB connection, a music Database that includes 267 keyboard setups by song title, large wave ROM featuring "Live" stereo grand piano sample, five types of master EQ, USB MIDI & PC button, 500 XGlite/GM voices including 8 Sweet, 3 Live and 5 Cool voices, as well as full keyboard and multi fingering modes. There's also 30 internal songs, 150 styles, performance assistant, blue backlit display, and lots more.

It will be interesting to hear what customers have to say about this new Yamaha keyboard. Click here to check out the newer YPG635 keyboard.

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