Yamaha YPG225 Review


Let's take a look at the Yamaha YPG225 portable grand keyboard, available as of June 2006. According to Yamaha, the YPG-225, YPG-525, and YPG-625 replace the Yamaha DGX line.

The Yamaha YPG is an updated version of the Yamaha DGX-203. It comes with 76 piano style keys. Yamaha is targeting keyboard players of all levels with this keyboard - whether you're a beginner, serious hobbyist, or even a semi-professional.

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The Yamaha YPG225 features 32 notes of polyphony, USB functions, recording capabilities and built-in speaker systems. 32 notes of polyphony are not much for advanced players but for beginners and semi-professional players this is probably enough. It would only create a problem for advanced players in a very lively performance. In that case notes would cut off since only 32 notes can sound at once.

I've always liked a keyboard with recording capabilities. This is where you bring out the arranger and composer in you. It's also good for recording yourself and listening afterwards, particularly during practice sessions. You can listen to your mistakes and work on your weaknesses. It can also be a lot of fun listening to yourself play, after the fact. With built in speakers you don't even need to connect the YPG225 to an external amplifier.

Yamaha YPG225

I like the Portable Grand function that the YPG225 comes with. With this function, at the press of a button the keyboard gets into full piano mode. No matter what settings you have on just press this button and everything resets.

The Yamaha YPG 225 comes with many other impressive features such as five types of master EQ, USB MIDI and pC button, 489 XGlite/GM voices, dual and split modes, 150 styles, pitch bend wheel, 6-track sequencer, 30 internal songs, with 70 more on CD, and lots more. The price of this keyboard should be around $350. Click here to buy the newer Yamaha YPG235 keyboard.

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