Yamaha TYROS Review

by Dorian Castle
(Chicago, Illinois)

Yamaha TYROS Review

First of all let me tell you I have been a fan of Yamaha Keyboards my entire professional career. Just under 2 years ago, I decided to invest in the Yamaha TYROS for a cost of $3400. Being a musician, that is a lot of money, but I wanted to own Yamaha's TOP digital workstation.

I bought everything from the case, stand, speaker systemm pedals etc, and took very good care of it. I was amazed at the quality of sound, especially when running in sterio through "Yamaha" PA and other equipment.

Well, I must say that in less then 2 years, the keyboard went out. The digital still works (Playing midi files, Demo's etc) but the keys do not. After 8 weeks, and taking it to TWO different authorized repair places, the keyboard is not fixable. It's a problem on the main motherboard, and a repair would be more then the cost of a new one. Of course the 1 year warrenty by yamaha is now gone so I'm screwed. Even the Yamaha Techs do not know what went wrong.

Everyone tells me to get the TYROS2, but I cannot see spending another $3400 for an upgraded model with the same reliability.

The reason I post this message is this: If you are thinking about buying the TYROS, for home use (in your living room), perhaps it would work out. However, if you are a professional looking to play out live, I would NOT trust the TYROS. In my opinion, it's not designed to be portable, though it is sold as such. The electronics are much too delicate to be used in portable situations. I used to preach the name Yamaha, and enjoyed showing off the TYROS on stage, but never again.

Yamaha TYROS Review

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Mar 16, 2018
by: Anonymous

I own a Tyros 2 and Tyros 4 for several years as of this year 2018. I have not had a problem with either. One key is to have an extremely great case to move them between locations. There is a Yamaha onboard 'Overview Diagnostic Test' you can perform. Here is how. Before turning the board on: Press and hold C sharp with F with G sharp...then press on button. The screen takes you through the TEST for several minutes. A good board gets an onscreen YES for the eight test.

Mar 15, 2017
Yamaha Tyros One
by: Maxx

I purchase my Tyros One as a shop display model in 2003, after seven years my vocal harmony function stopped functioning and was told by a Yamaha agent that the motherboard was bust and a new one was over the value of the keyboard second hand value, which at the time was £700. This Tyros was extensively gigged and cost me £900+ Stand and speaker system, and HDD.

Aug 22, 2016
Tyros 2 failed after 6 years
by: Barnabas Yohannes

My Tyros 2 screen started to display vertical lines after it was used once on a stage, in a party. After I replaced the screen, it was fine.

But, after about 2 years, many of the menu buttons started to fail. I opened the keyboard and dusted it with air-duster. That did not help. Now, the keyboard works, but a lot of menu buttons are not working.

Aug 16, 2013
i loved my tyros1
by: Anonymous

i bought a tyros 1 a few years ago so happy with i invested a lot of time and money programming a pro musician and saving my work until one day it stopped booting i took it to our local agent for repair it came back booting but with a sound problem and 150 Euro bill so it went back and local agent after mounts i was told it needs a new motherboard 1760eurs +labour not to mention loss of income however Yamaha offered me a 950 which i am eternally grateful but to be honest it doesn’t come any were close to the tyros which was also returned to me only to try and retrieve my work but all the saved data had been deleted it only has a sound problem i would love to have it sorted can anyone out there help me please

Oct 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have always been a fan of the earlier PSR versions. The rythms and effects were usefull in professional performances. It seems Yamaha has problems with motherboards. I had a similiar problem with a earlier PSR SQ 16 where the keyes would not work. I transported it alot and looking to get perhaps another high end psr I am looking at reviews. Glad I came here.

Feb 01, 2011
Tyros 1
by: Danny Boy

I bought a Tyros 1 it only lasted me one week
when it broke down.
I have been told it needs a new mother board.
which will cost twice as much as what the Tyros
cost me.
well Yamaha can stick it there are plenty
more reliable keboards around. that dont rip
working class off.
Down with Yamaha I wouldent recomend them to my worst enemy.

Nov 05, 2009
Yamaha Tyros Type Fault
by: Roy Waistnage

My Tyros 1 lasted 4 year only played by me and is never used anywhere else but my home.
For a long time before it went totally out of action it was obviouse I had a problem Yamaha were not interested .It cost me around £3000 and is like new to look at but totally useless.

I too have lost faith in yamaha and feel they are
not being responsible enough with a fault which is obviously a type fault.If it had been a car it would have been called to repair free of charge.

Jan 31, 2009
Tyros lost function
by: bernellphx@cox.net

My Tyros 1 main accompaniment stopped working when the blue Music Finder light came on and stayed on. Intros are fine but genre music is limited to bass and "beat" instrumentation. Also ACPM function no longer works. My selling dealer in Phoenix is no longer in business--I bought three lesser Yamaha keyboards from them, those still work. I subscribed to an online "help" service----not one response. Maybe it's not fixable, as promised. It's just used at home, and I don't have $3,500 to buy another one. Any suggestions?

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