Yamaha Tyros Keyboard Review

If it's a Yamaha Tyros keyboard you need, you're in the right place. You will find easy access to one here. You will get a great deal on your Tyros. You will also get free shipping to your door. We present you with our favorite musical instrument and Yamaha keyboard seller. We have found them to sell at some of the best prices available online.

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Keyboard players all over the world choose the Tyros keyboard over other musical keyboard models. It comes with features that are truly incredible. It includes all the innovative concepts and features of its Synthesizer, Pro Audio, Clavinova and Portable Keyboard line. Yamaha adds a brand new technology to this portable keyboard. It's called Mega Voice.

Forget about buying heavy portable keyboards. Yes, heavy portable keyboards. Buy one that is truly portable. The Tyros weighs only 27 pounds. You can carry this keyboard under one arm. The convenience that this provides is truly unmatched. Especially if you have to transport your keyboard from gig to gig.

Yamaha Tyros

At the end of the day nothing is more important than the sound of your keyboard. While the Tyros looks great it wouldn't be complete without superb sound. The more wave ROM a keyboard has, the better. Well the Yamaha Tyros keyboard comes with 96MB of Wave ROM plus some of the finest voices you've ever heard. Imaging a total of 1100 voices! Imagine a total of 36 drum kits! In addition the Yamaha Tyros portable keyboard is fully XG, GM and GM2 compatible.

These are just a few of the awesome features of the instrument. It includes a number of additional features that are truly unmatched. These include USB computer connection, GM compatibility, 128 note polyphony, digital mixer, pitch bend and modulation wheels, microphone input, vocal harmonizer and many more.

You can buy one online today. It's easy, secure and convenient to do so.

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