Yamaha PSR-630: Need fix for reversed polarity of sustain pedal

by Jane


My name's Jane and I have a PSR-630, and when I use my sustain pedal with it the function is reversed (it sustains when it's in a resting state, and it releases the sustainment when it is depressed). I was wondering if there's a way to reverse the polarity on the sustain pedal input of the keyboard without opening it up and switching wires and stuff. My friend has a Roland, and he can do it just by pushing buttons and changing it on the display.
I was checking the manual of the PSR-630 but I haven't been able to find anything about it in there.


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Feb 08, 2015
Inversing paddle polarity problem
by: Kali

Hi, I am also using a Yamaha 630 and have the same problem as Jane. The 'Normal' setting of Yamaha 630 corresponds to "Echo" when not pressed and "Sustain" when pressed. The instructions given on Amazon do not work for 630.

Normally, the Paddle function should be saved usinf Registration Memory, but this action seems to ignore the polarity.

Hope some one can help to solve this problem.


Aug 15, 2013
Easy fix: unplug and replug with power off
by: Matthew Vaughan

According to this very helpful comment on Amazon, the keyboard must be turned OFF when you plug the pedal in. I was having the same problem, and this worked for me: http://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-Sustain-Portable-Electronic-Keyboards/product-reviews/B00005ML71

1. Unplug the pedal
2. Turn OFF the keyboard
3. Plug the pedal back in
4. Turn the keyboard back on

The pedal should be working correctly.

Aug 19, 2010
by: Dick Rector

Hi Jane,

If Alfred's advise doesn't work: I'm not familiar with the 630 but in most Yamaha keyboards you can reverse the polarity. Look under function and sustain. You will find the settings there.
Also, normally a factory reset will do the trick.
Hold down the highest white key + the nearest 3 black keys while powering up the keyboard. That will bring it back to 'As from the factory'
MIND!!!! A factory reset will delete everything that might be in USER-area's so you better make a backup first.

Good luck

Aug 19, 2010
Yamaha PSR 630 Sustain Pedal
by: Alfred

Dear Jane: Check the pedal, if it has a small switch, flip it to obtain the correct polarity. If the pedal has no switch, do the following:
1) Plug in the pedal BEFORE TURNING YOUR 630 ON.
I do not recommend opening the unit for any invasive action. Do me the return favor of posting a follow-up message saying how you fare. Good luck, and thanks for the visit.

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