Yamaha PSR-280 Keyboard Note Holding

by Matthew
(Britain, England, Hull)

On my Yamaha PSR-280 Keyboard I would like to know how you can hold a note for a few seconds after you take your finger off a key. I only ask because in some songs such as the one I need to do this for (Linkin Park- What I've Done) requires this in the song. On "Youtube" I saw a man who goes by the name of ModistOne does this as he showed himself play the the song on the keyboard that is the same as mine (PSR-280). Please may someone reply A.S.A.P because I really want to make it sound professional as possible (If you're going to do something. do it right).

I would be grateful for any help I may receive,
Thank You

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Sep 16, 2010
Sustain Pedal
by: DJ Stipe

I have this keyboard and you can buy a sustain pedal for it...it plugs into the back by the power supply.

As a personal note, I'm shopping for both of these items currently, as my wonderful new puppy used them to sharpen her teeth. She's been expensive for a free dog.

Jul 14, 2010
Yamaha PSR 280 Holding Note
by: Alfred

Dear Deena: I've seen your recent posts and welcome you to our "swimming hole". Support from individuals like you go a very long way, and your being a pro who is participating in this Forum is sure to bolster its prestige. Keep on "streamin'" and keep well.

Jul 13, 2010
by: Deena

Dear Matthew,

I'm not familiar with the PSR-280 either but as Alfred posted there might be a button or setting that's called "sustain". Also, look in the back of your keyboard (where you plug-in the power cord that goes to the wall socket). Look for an input that says "sustain" and purchase a sustain pedal. You can buy one for under $20 but make sure it's compatible with your particular PSR-280. (check on the Yamaha website) With the sustain pedal you can hold any note or chord for as long as you wish. It sounds really cool when you play an arpeggio while holding down the sustain pedal.

Good luck,

Jul 11, 2010
PSR 280 Holding Note
by: Alfred

Dear Matthew: I'm not familiar with the PSR 280. If it has a panel button which says "Sustain", that may have to be activated to do what you mean. It allows a note to decay slowly.

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