Yamaha PSR275 Review

The Yamaha PSR275 is ideal for folks who want to save money, but still need a music keyboard which offers great sound and is touch sensitive, just like a piano. On an acoustic piano, the harder you press the keys, the louder the sound that is produced. Apply less pressure and the piano produces a soft sound. Such is the case with the Yamaha PSR275 keyboard. It includes the Yamaha Touch Response feature - a feature which is very valuable and absolutely necessary for those with piano in mind.

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If you consider the piano voice of a musical keyboard a top priority, you would appreciate the emphasis Yamaha places on this sound. The Yamaha PSR 275 includes a stereo-sampled piano voice and dynamic filtering.

In addition there is a feature called Portable Grand which allows one to set up the PSR275 keyboard to play as a piano in full keyboard mode, with the touch of one button. This means that no matter what you were playing before, no matter what voices and styles you were using, you don't have to waste time to get back in piano mode. Just press one button and get a great sounding piano voice that responds to your playing touch. This makes it so much easier to play and operate the  keyboard.

Perhaps you don't want to operate your keyboard in isolation to other instruments. Maybe you would want to explore the various possibilities that exist when a musical keyboard is connected to a computer or other keyboards. The PSR 275 is GM (General MIDI) compatible and this makes communication between it and other MIDI devices a breeze. You can even download GM music files into your computer, and your portable PSR 275 keyboard will accurately reproduce them. It's very easy to connect your PSR keyboard to a computer with the new PC button.

Do you want to improve your keyboard playing skills? Then make use of the Yamaha PSR275's Yamaha Education Suite feature. It will teach you how to play songs and chords in a fashion that makes learning very easy and fun. You get three keyboard lessons for each hand, lesson grading and a chord dictionary. This can go a long way into developing yourself as a keyboard player.

No matter what type of music you're interested in, the Yamaha PSR275 keyboard will facilitate you. It comes with 100 built-in styles that feature many different genres of music. Hold down a chord or note and hear an entire accompaniment that includes instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, brass, strings and so on. This is one of my favorite features on Yamaha PSR keyboards.

If sound quality is high on your list then you would be happy to know that this portable musical keyboard comes with quality features like a bass boost system, stereo sound, digital signal processing (DSP) and advanced Wave Memory (AWM).

For many folks 16 notes of polyphony is simply not enough. With the 32 notes of polyphony that this keyboard comes with, you're certainly better off.

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