Yamaha PSR-275 Transpose all keys?

by Kevin
(Austin, TX)

I can't figure out how to transpose all of the keys on the PSR-275. Transpose -12 lowers all keys {B2..C6} one Octave but does not affect the keys {C1..A2}. I have tried setting the split key, the octaves for Dual and Split Voice and nothing seems to cause the keys {C1..A2} to drop an octave. Is there a way to accomplish this? Interestingly enough, the location of the default split key is F#2 and seems to have nothing to do with the fact that the octave lowering stops 3 semitones higher at A2. I've only had this keyboard a couple of weeks and do love it and am probably missing something on the Dual/Split voice configuration.

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Apr 15, 2010
by: Dick Rector


You should also look under 'function' to 'transpose assign' or something similar.
You can set this to 'KEYBOARD' that affects the entire keyboard, main, layer left and accomp.
Set to 'SONG' affects ONLY the recorded song played but NOT the keyboard itself. Meaning that if the song is recorded in another 'PITCH' like F you can transpose the song to, for instance, C if you feel more comfortable to play along in that key (like karaoke playing).
When it is set to 'MASTER' the transpose affects the entire keyboard including the song-setting.
And that is handy when you, or someone else, likes to sing along but, again, you like to play in C but that is not a comfortable key for the singer.
Hope this is a little help.


Apr 15, 2010
Yamaha PSR-275 Transpose
by: Alfred

Dear Kevin; Congratulations on your new PSR 275.
I believe most, if not all PSR models basically work the same way. Here's what to do -
1) Press the FUNCTION Button
2) Use the CATEGORY Buttons to select TRANSPOSE on Display
3) Use the DIAL to set the transpose value (between -100 and + 100 for small pitch changes)
& (between -12 and + 12 for large pitch changes).

Keys represented by the 0-12 and 0+12 settings are explained as follows:

When the transpose setting is at 0 then playing middle C gives a middle C. So whatever key is used to play the music will be "true" and accurately tuned.

Going up one, for example (+1), and playing middle C will sound a C#. Lowering the transpose setting one (-1) will sound a B if the middle C is played.

This permits transposition to hear the music in any key, no matter what key is being played.
This is especially helpful if singing in the original key is difficult for a soloist.
In addition, your Owner's Manual should descrbe
Initializing which you can always apply to return the unit to partilly cleaned and totally cleaned condition should you so desire. One step at a time. Come back to this Forum for additional help on your question re Split, or any others. We will be happy to address as many of them as we can. The space in this message prohibits any long messages. Thank you for contacting us, and welcome!!

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