Yamaha PSR172 Keyboard Review

The Yamaha PSR172 keyboard is particularly suitable for beginners and students. If you're not looking to spend much money on a Yamaha keyboard, then you should be delighted with the PSR172.

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Are you looking to have some fun with a musical keyboard? Then you're in luck. This keyboard comes with several voices, styles and songs from many music genres. You will get exposed to genres you probably haven't even heard of. All this helps in the learning process. It makes you more aware of what takes place in the music world. You will be setting a solid foundation right from the start.

One feature I consider to be particularly useful is the Yamaha Education Suite 2. This takes care of the education and learning part. This feature is meant to help you develop your keyboard playing skills and make learning and playing seem incredibly easy. You will be able to practice and learn at your own pace.

The Yamaha PSR 172 keyboard comes with 61 keys, 16 notes polyphony, 100 advanced memory voices, 100 preset accompaniment styles, 100 "one touch" settings, 4 multi-pads with 10 banks of musical phrases and lots of other interesting and incredible features. When you want to make your music more interesting just make use of voice effects such as dual, harmony, echo and split.

The MIDI In/Out feature is also very useful. With this feature you can connect to your computer and hence the Internet. With this connection taking lessons becomes easy. You will be able to get the most out of your Yamaha portable keyboard.

This keyboard include several other interesting and useful features. For such a low price it is really a bargain. You can buy one online today. 

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