Yamaha PSR Styles for worship band?

by Steve

I'm thinking about buying a Yamaha PSR keyboard to replace an older Casio arranger keyboard that we are using in my church's contemporary worship service. All the keyboard person uses are the one touch styles settings on the Casio, and it would be the same for the PSR. We have 3 guitar players on our worship team, but no drummer or bass player, which is why we use the arranger keyboard.

Obviously the 510 would be a big step up from our current keyboard, but I'm wondering if the added styles on the 710 or the 910 would make it worth the difference in price to purchase one of these. Also, from what I've read, it appears that that the sound engines in the 710 and 910 might be better than the one used in the 510. But does the sound engine much affect the sound quality of the styles section of the keyboard, or does it primarily enhance the single instrument voices/sounds (which we don't use).

A while back I went to our local Guitar Center and checked out an older PSR 900, and observed that it had a lot of worship styles on board; but I see that the newer 910 seems to lack these. So I'm wondering if the worship styles that used to be on the PSR 900 can be downloaded off the internet and used on the 510, 710 and 910's, or are they unavailable due to copyright issues?

I guess the bottom line question is this, given our specific situation, can we get by with the 510, or would I, at some future point in time, wish I had ponied up the money for the 710 or the 910?

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May 08, 2023
How I do worship music NEW
by: Ronny

I'm blessed with a Ketron SD 90, it's the module version of the SD 9 keyboard. It has very authentical drums and guitars and it sound like a professional drummer.
At the moment I use the factory styles, I modify the guitars if I want the guitar discretely in the first verse and the style has too much in the first variation.
I think about adding my Tyros 3, so I could get much more styles. The only limitation is, that the Tyros 3 drums doesn't satisfy me, but my Ketron has much better drums and I have to check, if the Tyros drummer plays it correctly or if I can change the drum mapping in my Ketron.
I hoped to find a source for some style files...

Aug 11, 2010
Yamaha PSR-510 is always a great choice
by: Mark Rizo

It really depends on your budget. I'm assuming it's quite low.

If your church (or anyone) has a rock-bottom budget, the Yamaha PSR-510 is always a great choice, if you can find one for around $100 or less.

If you have a little more to spend, something more modern would provide a lot more sounds, and probably better quality sounds.

However, another question is how technically savvy is your keyboardist? Most keyboards have you pouring through the manual and drilling through menus when it comes to loading MIDI files.

Nothing out there, new or old, "pro" or "consumer", comes close to the Yamaha PSR-510's straightforward and intuitive ease of use in a feature-rich keyboard. That being said, the 510 has no floppy drive, let alone a USB port, so the only way to get sequences into it is through the MIDI port. Plus, the 510 is only a ROMpler, so you really can't "store" anything on it.

Whatever keyboards you are considering, before you buy I would have your keyboard player look at the manuals (most all are downloadable) and determine the practical aspects of customizing onboard sequences and loading new sequences.

Feb 05, 2010
Styles for free
by: Dick Rector

Hi Steve,

Sorry my friend, but I am afraid you are comparing apples and pears.
First of all, what to get/buy is a matter of funds and personal taste and, this is the opinion of a former prof sound-engineer, VERY much depending on the acoustics in your church. But in general as Alfred mentioned 'you get what you pay for'.

Free to download styles? (many thousands.)
Go to psrtutorial.com and click styles. More than you will ever be able to use. Also quite a few Worship styles, but a lot are more or less the same and only 'tweaked' for the different models.
If you don't use them for commercial purposes (selling them on) they are absolutely free.
Some of them will only work on the keyboards they are made for but you will find many ready to use.

God Bless you

Feb 05, 2010
Yamaha PSR Styles
by: Alfred

Dear Steve: AS THIS FORUM IS NOT AN ARM OF THE YAMAHA CORP.,and not personally having had any hands-on familiarity with the units you are considering, "you get what you pay for" may well be the answer. Having second thoughts about an upgraded unit after a purchase has been made can haunt you. With regard to internet downloads, I am not qualifieied to comment.
The above is offered as a starting point, other Forum members may be able to post improved
comments. Keep well, and good luck.

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