Yamaha PSR E433 Review

The Yamaha PSR E433 is a good beginner's keyboard. If you're learning to play or buying a keyboard for a child or student, this portable keyboard is a good one to choose. It sells for about US $250 and is great for someone on a budget. 

Yamaha PSR E433

The Yamaha Education Suite feature makes this instrument great for students. With this feature you can learn how to play songs; you can teach yourself to play and perform with the built-in 9 step lessons. 

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The Yamaha PSR E433 comes with a portable grand button that instantly puts it in piano playing mode. Touch the button and you get the best piano that this keyboard offers. For a keyboard of its price range, the piano voice is quite good. Obviously, not an out of this world piano sound but good enough and worth the price. 

What I like best on this keyboard is its realistic Sweet! and Cool! voices, especially the sweet trumpet, flute and sweet tenor saxophone. These emulate the sound of real live instruments especially when used with pitch bend. This feature alone makes it worth the price. There's a total of 731 voices. You can filter and adjust your sound like an analog synthesizer, thanks to two real-time control knobs.

Yamaha PSR-E433
The PSR-E433 comes with a pattern function that some will find quite useful. It has a number of loops and beats that one can play, similar to what a DJ would do. To be quite honest, this is not something that I am interested in, but I'm sure many will find it handy. Yamaha's accompaniment feature has always been a favorite of mine and the Yamaha PSR-E433 delivers with 186 varieties of styles. No matter what type of music you want to perform you can sound like there's a backing band behind you. All you have to do is play chords with the left hand. You can also play single fingered chords or put the keyboard in full fingered mode. This is a great way to become familiar with many styles of music. I like the addition of Mexican, Arabic, Indian, Brazilian and Chinese content. There's a total of 150 arpeggio Voices.
Yamaha PSR E433

I love the fact that the PSR E433 comes with a USB to Device terminal. This makes it easy to load and save settings and transfer data from my computer. 

Another very useful feature on the Yamaha PSR E433 is the 6 track sequencer. You can record up to 10 songs. 

Overall, this is a pretty decent portable keyboard. Learn more about the Yamaha PSR-E433 here.

PSR E433 Demo:

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