Yamaha PSR E303 keyboard layout

(Yamaha PSR E303 keyboard layout)

My 5-year old daughter started with a small Yamaha keyboard with Middle C in the middle.

She now has an E303 and Middle C is located 5 notes to the left. In fact G is in the middle.

She finds the change disconcerting and I am wondering why the keyboard layout is different and whether it will result in bad habits before graduating to a full size piano.



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Sep 23, 2009
Keyboard Layout
by: Alfred

Dear Richard: I would rest at ease if I were you.
Your daughter is astute enough to discern at this tender age that the keys in her E 303 are in a slightly different location from her first keyboard. The C Note/key will most likely be a fixture in her mind, and as she becomes a young lady and starts to play an acoustic piano -especially if she has a good tutor- she will quickly adapt to what is taught. As to why the keys are situated differently, I do not know, but I can assure you, that after playing keyboards for thirty years (by ear), I know where the "middle C" is on an acoustic piano.

Nov 18, 2009
Keyboard Ranges
by: Patti

Dear Richard,

I agree with what Alfred has told you but would like to add to it. I have been teaching piano for 18 years and have a lot of experience with children starting off on keyboards. It's important fot you to make sure her teacher (if she is taking lessons) is aware of the layout of your keyboard. Regardless if you are teaching her or if she is with an instructor the right time to upgrade yout keyboard to a full size, or buy a piano is when her music requires more keys. When students start playing their songs at home in different key ranges they are confused as to where to place their hands when they come to piano lessons. If this happens on stage it could destroy a recital piece. Of course with experience in years to come she will easily adapt to any keyboard layout. Its tricky for young players!

Nov 19, 2009
Middle C
by: Anonymous

Many thanks for both comments. Most reassuring.


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