Yamaha PSR E233 Review

Yamaha PSR E233 Review

This is a very basic keyboard for the absolute beginner. Very low price too, only about $99.99 new, at leading online musical instrument stores. If you're looking for a keyboard for a child, if you don't want to spend too much, if you want the most basic in keyboards, you can consider the Yamaha PSR E233. This is a good keyboard for the novice player, one that allows him or her to grow.

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But for a better keyboard you've got to be prepared to spend much more. With musical keyboards, usually the more you spend the better it gets. My advice to someone buying a keyboard for a child who's starting out is to buy a cheap one like the Yamaha PSR E233 and later when you're sure your child wants to continue practicing and playing the piano, you can invest in a better, more expensive model.

Yamaha PSR E233

Some of the features of the Yamaha PSRE233 are:

  • 61 keys, organ style
  • Voices: Stereo Grand Piano + 371 XGlite and 13 Drum SFX/SE kits
  • GM and XGlite compatibility
  • 9 Reverb types and ultra wide stereo
  • AWM stereo sampling
  • 32-note polyphony
  • 100 preset styles
  • 102 preset songs
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)
  • Metronome, tempo range 32-280
  • Tuning, Transpose -12 / +12
  • Amplifiers 2.5W + 2.5W, 2 x 12 cm speakers
  • Included accessories: music rest
  • Optional accessories: PA-130 adaptor, FC5 pedal, stand, UX16 USB-MIDI Interface
  • What I don't like about this keyboard is the fact that the keys are not velocity sensitive. A keyboard without touch response means that when you press a key, no matter how lightly you do, the keyboard fires off at full volume. This is very unnatural and makes it impossible to play with any expression and feeling whatsoever. If you want a touch response keyboard get the Yamaha PSR E323 instead. With a more advanced keyboard like this one, you can hit the keys softly and the keys play softly, hit it hard and a louder sound is produced.

     Be informed that for the price of $99 the AC adaptor is not sold with the keyboard. You must buy it separately. I was a bit disappointed with this because it's just too expensive to run this on batteries and have to constantly buy new ones. Thankfully, the keyboard shuts down power automatically if it has been idling for a while, promoting long battery life.If you're buying this keyboard you would need to spend a little more for a survival kit. It sells for about $35, brand new. A survival kit comes with the following:

  • Yamaha Power Adapter (PA130)
  • Foot switch
  • Stereo dynamic headphones
  • Survival Kit DVD
  • Playing with Styles DVD
  • 2 year extended warranty
  • Hundreds of dollars of Rebate Coupons
  • For only 99 bucks the Yamaha PSRE233 is worth it. You're not spending much so you shouldn't expect this to have the features of a top of the line keyboard. But as a keyboard for the absolute beginner, the PSRE233 is worth checking out. You can buy the Yamaha PSR E233 here. Compare it to other beginner keyboards, read reviews and see whether it's right for you.

    PSR-E233 Demo

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