Yamaha PSR E203 F chord out of tune

by Damian

I've noticed that when I play the F chord F-A-C it sounds out of tune. The display screen shows that an extra note is being added to the chord F-A-B-C. I have even tried the F inversion C-F-A and I get C-F-F#-A on the display. I've reset the settings but the problem is still there.

Thank You in Advance for your Help.

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Jun 14, 2010
Contact Pads
by: Damian

Hi Dick,

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post.

The F chord has the problem in all the octaves.

I tried the factory reset as suggested but the problem still persists.

I went inside the keyboard and saw that the green and black circuit board area below the keys was very dirty so I cleaned it, hoping that this would rectify the problem. I then tested it but it was still problematic.

Is the Contact Pad that piece of white soft material just below the keys and above the green and black circuit board area?

Jun 13, 2010
contact pads??
by: Dick Rector

Hi Damian,

It sounds like the underlay-pad has a fault.
Check if this happens in all the octaves and if yes I am 99% sure this is the problem.
Not a major repair but not a DIY job unless you are skilled and know what you are doing by opening a keyboard.
Did you try a factory reset? Highest white key + the nearest 3 black ones while powering up.
Mind that this will delete everything what might be in user areas. Make backups FIRST if you have some stored.
If in any doubt seek help of a prof repair person.


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