Yamaha PSR E 403 / YPT 400 Review

by Alfred
(Middle Village. NY)

Yamaha PSR E 403 / YPT 400 Review

As a Newbie to this unit, I am impressed with its versality. No doubt it is one of Yamaha's exceptional models among the many the company produces.

However, the Owner's Manual seems to be VERY POORLY EDITED. There is NO EASY SEQUENCE, NOR LOGICAL STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTION FOR A BEGINNER and it is obvious that much must have been lost in translating the text from its original language into English.

I was fortunate enough to acquire an instructional DVD
related to this keyboard and it has been very helpful, excepting for the fact that it does make occasional referral to.....you guessed it...........the afore-mentioned Owner's Manual.

All this ranting done, I believe the keyboard is exceptional!!

Yamaha PSR E 403 / YPT 400 Review

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Oct 02, 2009
PSR E 403 YPT 400 Transpose Problems
by: Alfred

Dear Gerald: I have a relatively new PSR E 403 and have not yet had the opportunity to try out its Transpose feature. I have no doubt regarding your aural "instincts", and your scientific experiment certainly bears out that gift. Not to bore you with history, in 1978 I bought a YAMAHA
DK 40 C,and I had what I considered to be a serious intermittent, muffled Bass response when playing the automatic Rhythm. I went so far as to write to Yamaha,Japan and got the runaround referral back to Yamaha,USA which had previously referred me to one of their authorized "techs". Net result was an expense wasted in paymant for a house visit by their "tech" who, after playing the unit said I had no problem. I am told I have perfect pitch and to this day, I know the Bass is OCCASIONALLY muffled. Recently I bought the PSR E 403, but have not yet put it through its paces. If and when I do, and hear any distortion, the Forum will be alerted. Sorry this is really not of any immediate help. Yamaha can be wrong, and like us they are not infallible. Try the BBB, they are known to give dealers a "wake up call".

Oct 01, 2009
poor note quality
by: gerald schwartz

I purchased a brand new yamaha clavinova cpv 405 a reputable piano dealer in the beginning of 2009 . shortly thereafter I noticed that certain notes ,mainly in the octive above middle c seemed to have a harsh sound.I complained to my dealer about it but he said he personally could not distinguish any differences in tone between the other notes and suggested that I listen to other cpv 405 clavinovas.This proved to be very difficult because many dealers did not carry that model and due to the recession they were not ordering any at that time. Well ,I was still frustrated and resigned myself to accepting my misfortune and kept silent. However I was bothered as the harsh note was still was present. I decided to call Yamaha directly for help. They ,in turn, defended their product and told me to choose a different piano style to play, have my ears tested,and believed that their engineers had carefully designed the instrument and that it was fine. Fast forward about two weeks. It occured to me that short of hiring my own engineers,that I could devise a plan to see if I could demonstrate that ther was a fault in the instrument.So I proceeded by setting the " transpose control" to netural(OR zero) ,playing the scale and listened for which note had a harsh tone and making note of it. I then set the transpose control on from +1........+7 respectively, played all black and white notes for each of the settings and noted which notes had a harsh sound. I did the same for -1......-7 and recorded the corresponding noted. okay, I plotted a graph using " changes in transposed keys" as on axis and plotted the "harsh notes"a scale whith middle "C" at the center going up and down an octive on both sides. I had no idea what to expect.to my suprise , the graph yielded a straight line thus showing that my ear was not particully sensative to only one pitch but to many because each transpositions produced a different frequancy for each harsh note. If anyone has a similar problem can you please notify me at "schwartzyli@AOL.COM" THANKS.

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