Yamaha PSR 900 Review

by Bob P
(Vancouver, WA)

Yamaha PSR 900 Review

This is a great keyboard for the price with a lot of versatility. That's the pro.

The con is:
The music stand supplied with the keyboard and is supposed to be attached to the PSR 900, is so flimsy and poorly designed that when you put a notebook of music on the stand, the stand comes out of the slots, resulting in the stand and music falling to the floor. I can't count the times that during performance I've had to stop playing, get on my knees to gather the music together, and reinsert the stand on the keyboard. Embarrassing, to say the least. Frustrating for my fellow musicians, as well.

(Yamaha PSR 900 Review)

I've written emails to the PSA 900 Yamaha contact, stating the problem and asking for information on how Yamaha recommends overcoming the issue. The representative never even bothers to respond - leaving me very frustrated at Yamaha and their contacts.

While the PSR 900 has a lot of good features -- I would not buy it again unless the music stand problem is resolved.

If anyone out there has a solution which works for them (other than using duct tape, that is), please let me know. I'm not willing to take a tacky keyboard on stage for a paid performance.

If I can't overcome the problem, I will probably look around for a keyboard from another manufacturer.

Sorry Yamaha -- you didn't didn't knock it out of the park with the music stand on the PSR 900.

(Yamaha PSR 900 Review)

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Oct 04, 2013
yamaha PSR 900S Review Update
by: Bob P

As an update to my original post expressing displeasure over the keyboard stand -- I've taken a little different approach to the problem. First, I tried duct tape - yes, duct tape - tohold the attachment in place. That worked great (and I used silver - so it was not noticeable) BUT it sure left a lot of residue on the keyboard which won't now come off.
The next thing I tried was a separate sturdy music stand. That works well, but sure does place the USB device in danger of being broken or bent.
Still, a Yamaha representative has not contacted me with a resolution - which tells me that Yamaha just does not give a hoot about the end user (you and me).
There are actually so many limitations to the PSR 900S that I have upgraded to a used Technics - which is actually a great instrument. But I do keep the PSR 900S around to work on individual pieces of arrangements.
So now Yamaha has the Tyros 4 out -- but you can't test drive them- because nobody in this part of the U.S. can get them from Yamaha. It seems Yamaha doesn't want to do much business around here.
My PSR 900S is well on it's way to grandkids and I'll not buy another Yamaha.
I'm still disgruntled.

Oct 04, 2013
diambugating point
by: augustine

here i have not able to found any sound like car crashing thunder rain in my yamaha psr s900
any one suggest me were to find all this folder


Jan 14, 2011
Yamaha PSR 900S Review
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments on my review posting.
I suppose my greatest disappointment has been with the non-response of Yamaha to my questions and request for assistance. I know one thing for certain after this experience with Yamaha -- I'll never buy another of their products.
Yamaha customer service has left this consumer with a very bitter aftertaste.
I've since upgraded to a Roland and "voila" -- the problem no longer exists. I've given my PSR 900S to my grandkids. They don't need to worry about music stands on the keyboard.
Sad -- because Yamaha had a very promising instrument. I see they did make improvements with introduction of their TYROS. Heck, they've even put the USB port where it should be - right beside the player.

Dec 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

I use a bungy cord across the base of the music rack and attach thew ends to the keyboard stand.Hasn't failed me since

Aug 09, 2009
re stand problem
by: Anonymous

I agree with you regarding the stand problem i was doing a tv show and it happened thank God my keys player knew the song and was able to continue playing. I have overcome this problem however by using foam stripping like you use in a doorway. put a few strips on the stand then insert it. the foam holds it in place. the only trouble is you will have to continually clean the stand when you take it out and vacumn up the pieces that come off the stand if they do that is.

I bought some of the weatherstripping at a dollar store so was cheap yet no one could see it thus no tacky looking keyboard as I like you, wont go on stage looking tacky besides the record company would kill me.

all the best,
Cliff Allen
www.facebook/cliffallen etc etc.

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