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Jun 24, 2018
yamaha psr 8000
by: Anonymous


Dec 10, 2015
psr restarting
by: Anonymous

restarting psr 8000 switch off then hol down top 2 right keys on keyboard keep pressed down.Then switch on keyboard whilst holding these keys and the keyboard will re boot no problem ok got it...

Oct 02, 2015
Help me
by: Anonymous

My hdd of psr-8000 was bad sector,

Aug 20, 2010
O S FOR PRS 8000
by: Anonymous

Probaj sa ovim, trebalo bi da ti resi sve probleme vezano za operativni sistem i memoriju, a drugo veoma je glupo od tebe sto si me blokirao na kupujemprodajem!

1) Make sure power is OFF.

2) Turn power ON while holding the top key on the upper right (C).

3) After the power is on, and the display indicates that the memory has been cleared, release the key.

Aug 06, 2010
test psr 8000
by: zikoni1969

hi dick test no good
1. ng-sram
2. backup check2-ng
help me

Aug 05, 2010
by: Dick Rector


Did you try a factory reset?
Hold down the highest white key + the nearest 3 black keys while powering up the keyboard.
This should bring the keyboard back as it came out the factory but everything in user-area's will be lost!!!!.

I have here also an extensive selftest for some models (not sure it works on the 8000 as well)and is only for advanced users.
Hold down C# F G# in the second octave while switching on. When the screen opens use TEMPO + and - to select a test.
Use START/STOP to begin the test (some tests take a bit of a time)
It shows OK when he test is good or a NG when a test is No Good.
If a test doesn't respond use the most left key to exit that test.

At least you can find out if there is something wrong but if you are not skilled in this seek the help of a prof.


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