Yamaha PSR 500 M Review

The Yamaha PSR 500 m keyboard has been discontinued by Yamaha. So if you're interested in getting one it may be a little hard to do so. Last time I checked, it wasn't available at some of the better musical instrument and musical keyboard stores. However, with so many Yamaha portable keyboards available today, you will be able to find a similar or even better keyboard easily. Click here to learn about the Yamaha PSR S550.

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The Yamaha PSR 500 m keyboard comes with 61 keys. It includes 100 realistic voices created with Yamaha's Advanced Wave Memory system. You will find acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, brass, organs, basses, woodwinds, strings and tuned percussion. You will also find a complete selection of modern electronic and sampled sounds as well as a group of several multi-percussion sounds.

When you want to vary the sound of your keyboard, you can just add a little reverb. There's a special DSP (Digital Signal Processing) control that adds studio-quality digital reverb to the various voices. You can adjust the depth of the reverb for each voice. You can choose between Room and Hall. I find this quality to be particularly useful.

I also like the touch response feature on the Yamaha PSR-500m keyboard. The keyboard responds to the amount of pressure applied to the keys.

To get the most out of your keyboard, you can make use of the Split Voice and Dual Voice features. You will be able to play two different voices at the same time. With the Split feature you can play one voice in the lower registers of your keyboard and another in the higher register. Let's say bass and piano. With the Dual feature you can layer two voices together. Piano and strings are my favorite.

You will find a number of other outstanding features.

You can check out a similar or more advanced Yamaha PSR keyboard online today. Click here to read about the Yamaha PSR S550. 

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