Yamaha PSR 3000 Review

The Yamaha PSR 3000 comes with many outstanding features that really set it apart from other keyboards in its class. Apart from its incredible sound, it includes features like Mega Voice technology, color screen, video out, 3-part vocal harmony, SmartMedia and internet connect capability.

Many of these new features were previously reserved for the top models, but now, for a fraction of the cost, the PSR 3000 brings them to you.

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Are you tired of your music sounding like music that was programmed? Do you want your music to sound real? Then you should be delighted with Yamaha's Mega Voice technology and MEGAEnhancer software.

With Mega Voice, you will hear not just basic instrument samples, but also performance techniques like slide effects, harmonics, strumming noises, open and muted string sounds and so on. With MEGAEnhancer software your MIDI files will make use of the Yamaha PSR3000's Mega Voice capabilities. You will be happy to hear your MIDI files sounding more real.

Small screens are not worth it. Non-color ones are even worse. The PSR-3000 comes with a large color screen that you'll love. You'll find it easy to select styles and voices, read sheet music and adjust various parameters.

Imagine singing into a microphone and hearing a 4-part vocal harmony in real time. How about a choir, transposition and a gender function that expands your singing range? Well this keyboard won't leave you disappointed. It comes with a microphone input and Vocal Harmony feature that will make your vocals sound richer and make a great impression on listeners.

These are just a few of the outstanding features that this Yamaha portable keyboard comes with. We can go on and on. You can find out more by clicking the following link.

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