Yamaha PSR 262 Review

The Yamaha PSR 262 keyboard has been discontinued by Yamaha so it is not easy to find. In fact I checked some of the best musical instrument sellers on the Internet and it was not available. But if you're very lucky you may be able to find one. If all you want is a used keyboard, that may be easier to find.

Nevertheless, this is a very nice keyboard. It comes with 61 piano-size touch-sensitive keys. That's 5 octaves. With a touch-sensitive feature, the keyboard will play depending on how much pressure you apply. Play harder and it sounds louder. Apply less pressure to keys and it plays softer.

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Another feature that stands out in the Yamaha PSR 262 keyboard is the Yamaha Education Suite2. For many beginners it's pointless having a keyboard around and not being able to do a thing on it. Especially when you have no music teacher. Thanks to Yamaha's Y.E.S. feature, you will have no problems in that department. The Yamaha Education Suite feature makes it easy to learn to play the keyboard. With as many as seven piano lessons, you'll be on your way. It even includes a chord dictionary.

This keyboard comes with a feature called Portable Grand™. When you want to sit down and play piano, you simply press the Portable Grand button and it brings up a special Stereo Sampled Grand piano voice. This button even brings up styles that can be used with the piano voice. So no matter what settings you have, just press the Portable Grand button. I find this to be truly convenient.

The PSR262 comes with several other outstanding features, but since it is discontinued, your time would probably be better spent checking out a similar model. You can find a similar model here.

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