Yamaha PSR 2100 - Cannot Turn On

by Milton
(Kent, WA)

My psr 2100 cannot turn on. I bought a new adaptor and still it cannot turn on. Does anyone have any idea why this happened? Help please, I need it for a gathering in March..

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Apr 30, 2009
Plugging Problem
by: Katherine Ng

Yamaha PSR 2100 - cannot turn on, this can be due to a cable connection inside the Keyboard that must have loosen or unplugged. Ask Yamaha technician to open up the bottom panel of the keyboard and check the cable plugs. Mine, PSR 3000 had the same problem and the loose cable had been plugged in correctly, you'll hear a 'tick' then it's ok, now working well.

Hopefully this is helpful.


Jan 14, 2009
PSR 2100
by: Anonymous

#1- Make sure the Wall OUTLET WORKS.. (Plug a lamp in there)

#2- Call Music Store and ASK If They Can LOOK While You WAIT,and HOW MUCH If Any CHARGE?

#3. Might Be A "FUSE Or RESET Button" On There Somewhere. I have A PSR 2100 Fora Couple Years Works Great.. I wore out The Floppy, but I will Replace It.. caryb1999@yahoo.com

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