Yamaha PSR 170 Review

The Yamaha PSR 170 is the right keyboard for someone who really wants to have fun. The voices, styles and songs that it comes with will ensure this. With the popular Yamaha Education Suite 2 feature, you will find the Yamaha PSR 170 very easy to play. You will be able to improve your skills as you make use of the many practicing tools that this portable keyboard offers. Beginners will find the 100 internal songs and songbook a real treasure.

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Nowadays, more and more students and beginners want more than just 49 keys in a musical keyboard, and with the 61 keys that the Yamaha PSR 170 comes with, they can really be delighted. With more range, their musical possibilities are less restricted.

No matter what genre of music you're interested in, the Yamaha PSR170 will meet your demands. With 100 accompaniment styles, you can play any type of music. This feature continues to be one of my favorite Yamaha PSR keyboard features. I've found it very beneficial, due to the fact that it has introduced me to many styles of music from all over the world, and increased my musical knowledge.

Yamaha PSR 170

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For those who want to save time, the PSR170 comes with 100 touch settings. With 100 Advanced Memory (AWM) voices, you will be able to find the right tones that you need for the particular kind of music that you want to play.

To make your music sound professional, you need to make use of sustain pedals, voice effects and so on. The Yamaha PSR170 gives you the option of connecting a sustain pedal jack. With voice effects such as Dual, Harmony/Echo and Split, you're good to go.

Most keyboard players place great importance on the piano sound that a keyboard comes with. The piano just has to sound good. Yamaha is aware of this, and have included a realistic portable grand sound in this keyboard.

There's a DJ button for those who are interested in dance voices and songs, as well as stereo speakers. You can connect your keyboard to any MIDI instrument or computer, and hence realize its true potential. You can even connect to the internet if you like.

You will find 4 multi pads with 10 banks of musical phrases that can be used as fill-ins. You can make use of a headphone jack and not disturb anyone when you play. Buying the PSR170 online is very easy and straightforward. You can buy a newer Yamaha PSR keyboard model here.

Yamaha PSR Keyboard Reviews

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