yamaha prss900 - "A" key

by joe o'keeffe
(cork ireland)

I have a new yamaha prss900 keyboard and have a problem with the "A" key on the rhythm section. There is an intermittant fault with the key, sometimes it gets loud and other times it fades. Anyone any ideas ?

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Jul 26, 2012
by: Patrick

My DGX-220 also has an intermittent key problem.Sometimes a key will sound at full volume when only touched lightly. (The DGX-220 is touch sensitive).
When I first encountered this problem I managed to solve it by undoing the lid and removing the rubber strips containing the contacts for each key. I then cleaned the contacts as well as the circuit board area that they connect with using Isopropyl Alcohol on a cotton bud then wiping dry.This was successful on that occasion but yesterday when I attempted the same procedure it fixed the affected keys but two new keys displayed the same old problem. GRRRR !
I have a gig this afternoon and another tomorrow night which makes it very frustrating.

Nov 10, 2010
Yamaha PRS 900 voice fault
by: Mansrach

I have a new Yamaha PRS 900 keyboard and have a problem with the voice. There is an intermittant fault with the voice for the first its normally but after being long time used a few voice is fault.If anyone has any ideas please let me know what I can do? thanks

Feb 24, 2010
A key not working also on S900
by: Mike

Does anyone have any ideas regarding this issue, I also have a Yamaha PSR S900 and the A key is no longer working. Keyboard is still in Mint condition never dropped in clean (no dust) atmosphere.
If anyone has any ideas please please let me know what I can do.
Thanks so much,

Aug 15, 2009
E key
by: Anonymous

i have the same problem mith my yamaha dgx 305 but its with the E's and B flat notes. was told could be loose or melted or burned wires so might as well replace it

Oct 11, 2008
p70 faulty keys
by: Anonymous

I have a similar problem with my Yammaha P70 which is around 2 to 3 years old, but recently the E note is not working (all the of the E notes across all octaves). Is this easy to have repaired or repair myself?

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