Yamaha Piano Keyboards - Advantages

Advantages of Yamaha piano keyboards (rather, Yamaha digital pianos) over acoustic pianos.

Technology has really helped to make the lives of keyboard players and piano players easier. I mean, years ago you had to spend a large chunk of dollars if you wanted the feel and sound of a piano. Many weren't able to buy a grand piano because it was just too expensive. Most musicians still can't afford one today. This is where Yamaha piano keyboards, or digital pianos come in.

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The best ones offer you some of the most important features of acoustic pianos, such as Graded Hammer Effect, where the lower keys are heavier and the higher keys are lighter. These digital pianos also provide you with very good piano sounds, 88 keys, touch response and so on. This is a great way to save money and not compromise quality and competence. The price difference between a regular acoustic grand piano and the best piano keyboards or digital pianos manufactured by Yamaha are very vast.

Before the advent of these digital instruments, if you wanted a genuine piano sound, your best bet was to carry a cumbersome piano to all of your gigs. What a task! I mean, this is harder than the actual gig. Today, we can benefit from the portability that these Yamaha piano keyboards offer. Carry the thing under your arm if you like and make life easier.

You should be delighted by the fact that you now have more sounds for the buck, unlike acoustic pianos that only have one piano sound. Instead, you can choose from several piano voices and electric pianos. How about some nice organ, vibraphone, clavier, strings, harpsichord and flute sounds, to name a few.

Here's a good place to shop for Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards. You can make comparisons in price and features, read user reviews, and choose one that meets your needs. Be sure to check out the many Yamaha digital piano reviews on this site (www.Yamaha-Keyboards-Guide.com) as well. Or read Yamaha portable keyboard reviews here.


We have discussed digital pianos in a positive light. But what about the drawbacks? Here's an article that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of digital models. 

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