Yamaha P90 Review

Yamaha P90 digital piano review.

The Yamaha P 90 comes with a Grand Piano sound that is off the hook. (Off the chain!) Particularly the Grand Piano1 voice. You will be absolutely delighted.

The electric piano2 (classic Fender Rhodes) sound is awesome. If it's good piano sounds you're after, I highly recommend the Yamaha P90 digital piano to you. You will get your money's worth with these two piano sounds alone. No kidding!

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The Yamaha P 90 comes with 88 weighted keys (Graded Hammer), 24 voices and 64 notes polyphony. The 64 notes of polyphony that the Yamaha P 90 comes with works just fine. You can play long sustained passages and not worry about notes cutting off.

With as many as 8 effects, you can alter the various voices according to your preferences. There's Room, Stage, Hall 1, Hall 2, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo and Delay.

Other awesome features include Dual/Split mode, a 2 track sequencer, built-in stereo-amplification, 2 headphones jacks, MIDI In/Out and an integrated TO HOST interface.

I like the fact that the Yamaha P-90 comes with a dual/split feature. It's always nice to be able to play one sound with the left hand and another with the right.

The Graded Hammer action of this keyboard is once again superb. Heavier feel in the lower register and lighter feel in the higher register, just like an acoustic. I must say hats off to Yamaha for really delivering in that department with most Yamaha digital pianos.

This digital piano is very easy to use. Very straightforward. Plug in the power chord, switch it on and start playing.

The P-90 doesn't weigh much. I like that. Playing piano/keyboards already put a strain on the keyboard player's/piano player's back. Who needs extra strain?

The P90 is worth the price. When compared to other digital pianos that are in the same price range, I give it the edge. Shop for new Yamaha digital pianos here. 

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