Yamaha p-200 left speaker doesn't work


I have Yamaha p200 piano and the left speaker does't work from yesterday/
Does anyone know how I can fix this problem


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Jan 05, 2023
Keyboard speaker doesn't work NEW
by: Anonymous

There are a few potential reasons why the left speaker on your Yamaha P200 piano may not be working. Here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot and potentially fix the problem:

Check the speaker connections: Make sure that the left speaker is securely connected to the piano and that the connection is clean and free of any debris.

Check the amplifier: The amplifier in your piano is responsible for powering the speakers. Make sure that the amplifier is turned on and functioning properly. If you are using a separate amplifier, make sure it is turned on and functioning properly as well.

Check the audio settings: Some pianos have settings that allow you to adjust the balance between the left and right speakers. Make sure that the balance is set correctly and that the left speaker is not turned off or set to a low volume.

Check for physical damage: If the left speaker is visibly damaged or has come loose from its mount, it may not be functioning properly. In this case, you may need to have the speaker repaired or replaced.

I hope these suggestions help you to fix the problem with the left speaker on your Yamaha P200 piano. If you are unable to resolve the issue, it may be a good idea to contact a Yamaha service center for further assistance.

Oct 16, 2021
Feline percussive maintenance
by: Anonymous

I have a Yamaha YPT-230 that I'd left alone for a year. I turned it on 5 months ago and the left speaker just wasn't working. No hum, no whine, nothing. My cat knocked it off my desk this morning after a botched attempt at freerunning from the floor to a nearby windowsill...and the left speaker now works fine again *shrug*

Sep 06, 2020
Left speaker out of sync
by: Aizen Mägis Karkov

My left speaker has been out of sync with the key pressed.
Send help

Mar 30, 2020
by: Jim London

Like others – after over a year with an intermittent left speaker mine now works perfectly after fiddling with the speaker switch. Many thanks.

Dec 26, 2019
Turning on and off speaker switch
by: Anonymous

Worked PERFECT to get rid of the crackling left speaker on my P200.

Thank you for the great suggestion!!

Nov 18, 2019
Problem solved
by: Anonymous

Fiddling with the speaker switch seems to have solved the problem!


Oct 30, 2018
Fiddling the speaker switch works!
by: Chris

Oh wow, thank you for the advice on fiddling with the speaker switch! The right speaker on my 2003 P-200 has been crackling and loosing volume and playing with the switch seems to fix it.

Jan 27, 2016
In 2016...
by: Dave N

Thanks Holger Engel, fiddling with the switch fixed mine!

Dec 01, 2013
Intermittent left speaker
by: JimLondon

5 years later... many thanks to Holger Engel. I too had an intermittent left speaker. I fiddled with the switch (that I didn't know existed) and both speakers are back to life.

Nov 05, 2010
Speaker problem solved
by: Mike

I recently had the same speaker problem. The right or left would kick out. I discovered that the on-off speaker switch was loose and was attached completely to the circuit board. I unplugged everything from the circuit board, removed the mounting screws and snipped off any remaining solder from the switch. I then ordered a couple of switches from Yamaha. They cost a few dollars each. I took the circuit board down to the local electronics guy who soldered the new part on. I reinstalled it and "voila", both speakers worked!

Jul 12, 2010
Left speaker on my PSR 275 stopped working
by: Anonymous

Any ideas?

Oct 16, 2009
What about the psr275
by: Yoel's Dad

We have a Psr275 and the right speaker stopped working. There doesn't seem to be any balance control or separate channel settings. There also is no Line In connection.

I haven't found any Service/Repair/Troubleshooting manuals on-line.

I'm tempted to tell my kid to make do with one speaker.

Does the keyboard ever actually send different sounds through the right and left channels?

Dec 19, 2008
I don't think so!
by: Holger Engel

What I think is, that the switch on the back of your p-200 does not give contact anymore. There is a switch to simply mute the loudspeakers. Touch it, move it, eventually treat it with "contact- spray", connect the wires inside the piano (bridge it) or replace it (the switch, not the piano!).
On my P-200 sometimes the sound "crackles" on one side. It's an quite old Piano, so that's normal...
Best Regards, Holger.

Dec 16, 2008
Test for fault - YOU or IT
by: Max Rubi

On this model, signal level INPUT destined for each of the speakers can come from two sources, onboard voices (piano 1,piano 2, vibes, organ etc.)& from devices outside the casing (tape, CD player,computer etc.) NB Outside input must be at LINE LEVEL i.e. strait from source not from amplifier power output.
By connecting one of these outside sources to the LINE IN at the back of P200 you can play your piano while your fav. CD track is coming over the P200 speakers and add your own musical talent to that track.
If you achieve sound from left speaker using one of these outside signals connected to both L & R LINE IN, you have then verified that both the L/speaker and the L/channel of the onboard amplifier are functioning.
If there is still no sound from LEFT check that you have not inadvertently turned off that channel in the parameters fuctions. Assuming you know your way around the operating manual and have not made an error by setting the stereo BALANCE entirely to the RIGHT you will have to begin a process of elimination.
Open P200 only after isolating it from any power source, disconnect wires from L/speaker. Test speaker at low volume using speaker leads from one channel of Hi-Fi that is known to work.
If speaker fails to function you may be in luck. You probably only need to replace speaker or have it RE-Coned by a specialist.
If the speaker does function any further tests should be carried out by a qualified engineer.
LEFT channel of amplifier could be faulty.
LEFT output from PCB faulty etc. all more expensive than a new speaker.
Get it fixed. Still outstanding instrument.

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