Yamaha P 90 Review

The Yamaha P 90 is perfect for those looking for a portable yet professional digital piano.

Are you looking for a touch that is similar to that of an acoustic grand piano? Well the P90 professional portable stage piano will provide you with just that.

It comes with a feature called Graded-hammer effect. The keys are heavier in the bass and lighter in the higher register, just like an acoustic piano. It comes with 88 keys just like a grand piano.

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Everybody wants great sound from a digital piano. No one is satisfied with just a good piano sound. Is that you? Well you will be happy to know that apart from impressive piano sounds, this digital piano comes with many additional voices. I'm talking about great sounding voices.

There are 24 voices including 2 grand pianos, 2 electric pianos, guitar, strings, choir, clavichord, harpsichord, vibes, wood bass and electric bass. Each of these voices can be varied to suit your preferences.

You can add several effects to the various sounds. You can add room, stage and 2 hall reverbs. How about chorus, phaser, tremolo and delay? To help you get the most out of your sound, there is a melow-bright brilliance slider.

Are you interested in doing a little recording? Well you should be happy to know that you can record on the P90 digital piano. You can record one song and up to two tracks. That's 10, 000 notes. You will find 21 voice demo songs as well as 50 preset songs. You can play along or just sit back and enjoy some good music.

The P90 digital piano comes with several other awesome features. You will be delighted.

There's no need to pay a fortune for a grand piano. All you have to do is buy a good professional digital piano like the Yamaha P90 online. Buying one online is easy, secure and convenient.

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