Yamaha P 250 Review

The Yamaha P 250 is a professional digital piano. If you're looking for a good acoustic grand piano alternative, you will be happy with this stage piano. Nowadays, it is not absolutely necessary to pay thousands for a grand piano. With a good digital piano like the Yamaha P250, you will get all the important features that you need.

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One of the things that stand out about the Yamaha P 250 is its unmatched sound. The piano is the real thing. You get a real acoustic piano sound. Its acoustic piano voices include note off samples, string resonance samples and sound board samples. This gives the digital piano a really detailed and rich sound. Just like an acoustic piano.

The P 250 includes a feature called Graded Hammer Effect. The keys are as heavy as an acoustic piano and are graded from heavier in the lower registers, to lighter in the higher registers. This makes the touch of this digital piano as real as can be.

Yamaha P 250

The P250 comes with 88 notes, 128 notes of polyphony, several acoustic piano voices, 38 panel voices and 480 XG voices.

Are you interested in doing some sequencing? Well this digital piano comes with a 16 track song recorder with 223 songs and 770 KB of Internal Flash memory.

You can alter the various sounds on your digital piano by adding digital reverb and digital effects.

Dual mode allows you to play two different sounds at once. My favorite is piano and strings. You can layer these two voices together and create beautiful music.

You can even use split mode and use one part of your keyboard for one voice and another for a different voice. For example, you can play bass guitar in the lower register and piano in the upper registers.

The Yamaha P 250 comes with a built-in speaker system that is truly powerful.

I recommend this digital piano. 

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