Yamaha MR-1 playcard system Sound Problem

When I turn on the power, and press the pedal, all I hear is a prolonged instrument even if I haven't presssed any of the keyboard keys. Then if I turn OFF the power, and turn it back on, without having touched any of the instrument buttons or keys, a different prolonged instrument is heard. How do I fix this problem? If I try and press any of the keys, there is no sound from the keys, just the long prolonged instrument sound. Is there something wrong with the circuitry? How do I get this repaired? Is there a repair manual I could follow to repair this problem? I received this for free, so I don't want to have to spend too much to fix it but it would be great if I could get it to work. Thanks!

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Apr 08, 2021
Price for a Yamaha MR-1 playcard system
by: Dawn

I have a friend and her husband has passed away she has asked me to sell her Yamaha MR-1 playcard system that is in mint condition and has all the original playcards in new conditional.
has bench and everything else that came with it.
I was going to put it on Market Place or Ebay but have no idea of its worth. Can you please advise me of the value.

Jan 26, 2012
New Visitor to site
by: Bill Whelan

Have review your page and find it most informative. I have a Yamaha PC100 with well over 100 Playcards Some. Not opened. My wife gave it to me as a gift. I am. Ow retired and have a renewed interest. Curious. What are the play cards worth? It seems that a lot of people are looking for them without much luck

Nov 08, 2009
Yamaha MR 1 Sound Problem
by: Alfred

Dear "No Name": I want to help. Normally I tend to ignore any anonymous posts, but your question sounds honest and desperate enough to warrant a suggestion. Try the following steps which might revert your unit to "Factory" condition:
1) Press and hold down the last white key and last three black keys WHILE turning the unit ON.
The above procedure may just work. If it does, you owe me two things. 1) A follow-up post in this Forum, if you are successful. 2) Inclusion of your name (first one will do) so I can feel I'm addressing a real live guy. Your message will serve as a big help to others who may encounter the same problem. In the meantime keep well. I look forward to hearing from you.

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