Yamaha MOX8 - Please help.DESPERATE!!!!!!

by Jazz
(Bklyn NY)

I have a problem and I'm hoping that someone can help me. I have the Yamaha mox8 Keyboard. And when I try to

the keyboard and turn it on I get this real loud popping sound in the speakers when I try to turn it up. Almost asked if my speakers are just not enough to carry it.And when the volume is turned down very low, it almost seems as if there isn't a problem at all. So as a result, I thought that I would try using the headphones. Thus, I went through three sets of headphones and it's still the same. I get more of the loud popping sound when I go to the performance levels as oppose to the regular voicings. Which keeps me from being able to turn up my sound. And we all know that's not a fun way to play.

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