Yamaha MOTIF ES6 files to MO88?

by Trace

I had the Yamaha MOTIF ES6 and saved all my song and patterns on a usb drive I just bought the MO88 and the files load but the voices are completely different. How can I retreive my songs with the right voices? Is my only option to find a used es6 to buy? PLEASE HELP!!!

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Apr 19, 2012
Yamaha MOTIF ES6 files to MO8?
by: Roscoe


I just got an MO6 after being happy with my ES6. The MO came out after the ES, but does not have alot of the features that the ES has (including some of the sounds). When you create and save a project, it does not save the sound name/type. It saves the location. When you bring it back up, your keyboard looks under the location (ie. PRE1 B04 - PIANOBACK on ES model, BUT PRE1 BO4 - SWEETNESS on MO model (I think). The only option for you is to save the sounds in each project under the MIXVOICES section. This will tell the keyboards to search for the particular sound even though each keyboard has it under a different location. Have you checked www.motifator.com? They will explain everything in detail as well as have additional information. Here is the link.


Jan 14, 2011
transfer files.
by: Dick Rector

Hi Trace,

First of all I am not familiar with your model keyboard but your problems is the same when people upgrade from a low-end to a midrange or even high-end keyboard.
The newer model has FAR better voices and technical facilities (sound-processors) to produce sound.
To the extreme as an example, the basics are the same but the engine of a (with all respect) Volkswagen doesn't work the same as the engine in a BMW.
What you have to do is to change the voices into the newer voices available in your newer keyboard.
For sure the standard GM voices (General Midi) are OK as they are the same in all keyboards.
A bit of work I'm afraid but you also learn the ins and outs of your new keyboard.
I am not sure you can do this quickly trough a software program like MIDIPLAYER by Michael Bedesem but you can have a look on PSRTUTORIAL.COM
Hopefully someone can give you a better advice.

Anyhow enjoy your new keyboard.

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