Yamaha MOTIF ES 7 - Recording a Song

by Jon

Hi all, my MOTIF ES 7 has exacerbated me for years. Seems all I do is enjoy playing in Performance mode, but I have had the hardest time recording a Song! All I want to do is:

1) Lay down a simple rhythm track in 4/4 time and have that repeat
2) Play a melody part on another track
3) Put a bass track down
4) Repeat for other tracks for additional sounds...
5) Go back and edit or re-record the rhythm track to add intro, fillers, ending. I'd like to use one of the built-in rhythm patterns like the ones you get with Performances.

I understand the relationship of Patterns to Songs (Songs are made up of Patterns). Likewise a Pattern is made up of different tracks that I can mute/unmute during recording.

Just wish there was some simple "get started" way to record a song. Is there one out there?!?


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