Yamaha MO8 Default Initial Setting

by Bob Craighill
(Centreville, VA, USA)

When the keyboard is first turned on, it seems to be set to a drum beat performance, which is disconcerting because the keyboardist in our band keeps activating it thinking a piano sound is going to come out. Is there any way to change the default initial setting so that the keyboard plays like a piano when it is first turned on?

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May 11, 2021
Thank You!!
by: Anonymous

This worked also on my Yamaha S90ES!!!

Jul 04, 2018
fixed the same issue
by: Lanstro

check out the solution sent by Anonymous.
then you can proceed to select and change the startup preset to whichever sound you want,

Mar 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

need to duplicate sound from ain't it superstitious. anyone?

Jan 11, 2014
Midi sync - from internal to midi
by: Anonymous

Hello, unter utilty settings change the sync option from internal to midi and store the change. I am using external midi for live performances to trigger the tempo changes (for appregiators etc).

hope this was useful

Jun 15, 2012
thank you
by: Anonymous

i have had that drumbeat at startup for years!!!!!!!! thanks for the tip

Nov 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

I found the solution:


1. Press the [Utility] button.

2. Press the [F1] 'GENERAL' button.

3. Press the [SF4] 'OTHER' button.

4. Use the cursor buttons to navigate to the current mode listed under 'Power OnMode'

5. Select the desired setting by rotating the [DATA JOG] wheel.

6. Press [STORE] button.

7. Press the [EXIT] button.

Mode description:
A. 'performance' ....Performance Play mode (User Performance 001).

B. 'voice (USR1)'....Voice Play mode (User Voice “USR1: 001”).

C. 'voice (PRE1)' ....Voice Play mode (Preset Voice “PRE 1: 001”).

D. 'GM'...................Voice Play mode (GM Voices “GM: 001”).

E. 'last' ...................The mode and program number registered the last time by the procedure on page 210.

F. 'master' ..............Master Play mode (User Master 001).

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Aug 15, 2011
by: John

Yeah, we deal with the same issue. You just gotta laugh about it when it happens, move on, and try to remember to hit the change it.

Apr 18, 2011
Change default sound?
by: Joe

This is so annoying for our band. I can not believe we can't change the default sound that the keyboard makes after startup.
So poor. anyone?

Sep 16, 2010
Factory Reset
by: Bob Craighill


Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested. Apparently that is the original factory setting. You have to remember to hit "Voice" before you touch any of the keys or you will get this loud drum beat. It's not disabling, just annoying. I would think Yamaha would have a fix for that.


Sep 15, 2010
factory reset
by: Dick Rector

Hi Bob,

Something is set wrong in the semi-permanent-flash-memory and I would do a factory reset:
Press and hold down the highest white key + the nearest 3 black keys while powering up the keyboard.
That should bring it back as it came out of the box.
Bear in mind that this reset deletes everything that is saved in user-area's.
Hope this helps.


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