Yamaha Keyboard psr-19 ac adapter

by Crystal

I have a Yamaha Keyboard PSR-19 and lost my AC adapter when I just recently moved. Which one should I buy to replace the one I lost?

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Jun 02, 2010
PA3,PA4 or PA40 adapters(yamaha)
by: Sachin

I have a yamaha keyboard PSR 266

I need any one of the above adapters. Where can I get them In calgary(canada)? Please suggest suitable places where I will be able to buy one.



Mar 21, 2010
Amps and Volts
by: Anonymous

An instrument can only take so much voltage, but if the voltage is right, it will only draw the amperage it needs. So in the case of a keyboard that requires a 10 v - 1A adapter, any 10V adapter will do, as long as it has a MINIMUM of 1000 mA (1 amp).

I would be afraid to use a 12 Volt adapter unless Yamaha specifies that it is okay.

Also make sure that the polarity of the adapter end is centre-pin positive.

Mar 06, 2010
Amps are important too
by: Mythopoetic

Use a 10 V 1 Amp power adapter.

Oct 17, 2009
Yamaha AC adaptor
by: Anonymous

Not quite.
That's according to their own Yamaha manual.
I lost mine too.And I replacing with an after
market AC adpator with multiple voltage settings.
Which I set it at 9 volts.
So far it's working fine without any damage to my keyboard.
Yamaha recommand for using their own products.
Its just a business strategy,like all other
company doing business.Technically speaking,if
the voltage output and input match with
manufacturer's spec.
Then it's compatible.

Feb 24, 2008
by: Anonymous

Use ONLY a Yamaha PA-3, PA-4 or PA-40 Power Adaptor
to power your instrument from the AC mains. Attempting
to use other AC adaptors could result in serious damage to
your PSR-19.

>>Taken from the user manual

Jan 27, 2008
Power Adaptor?
by: Anonymous

On the back it will tell you the voltage and the polarity. It's a 9-12 volt, with the centre positive and the outer earth. Take this into any basic electronics store, they'll help you find a suitable adaptor I hope, you don't have to have a specific one. Mine's from a hoover, I think.

Nov 13, 2007
PA-3, PA-4, or PA-40 AC Power Adapter
by: Mantius Cazaubon


You can use either a Yamaha PA-3, PA-4, or PA-40 AC Power Adapter with your Yamaha PSR-19 keyboard.

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