Yamaha Keyboard Forum Guidelines and Positive Suggestions

by Alfred
(Middle Village, NY)

In addition to questions related to Adaptors, there are numerous posts in this Forum related to problems with keys and the sounds reproduced – or lack thereof - when the keys are depressed. A good number of the posts are submitted with sufficient info and a view to eliciting quick and easy DIY fixes. (And these are normally answered).

Many posts are too sketchy, with scant info for “long distance diagnosis”.

Many which contain sufficient info to elicit answers beg the trite statement that “it is better to consult a professional and contract his/her services if the charge is within one’s budget”. In such cases the participants in this Forum should realize that myriad defects can cause the problem(s) they cite, and at best the answers can only consist of possible causes and not every cause of the problem(s).

My suggestion to my fellow participants is to post as much info as possible in clear, concise terms, so that corresponding helpful responses will result.

If one’s Unit is over ten years old (this is empirical) perhaps replacement should be considered as the cost of repair may not be feasible, not to mention the hassles of checking the reputation of the service professional; time needed to effect the repair; guarantee of work performed; delivery & pickup, etc.

Because of the “intrinsic value” one places in the Unit, it is difficult to establish a point when to consider replacement, but I would say ten years; and more importantly, the cost of repair if it is over 50% of the “intrinsic value” the user determines.

I would appreciate comments from fellow Forum participants. Thanks.

PS- Obviously those who have experience in electronic repair work, and have the tools and the test equipment are lucky enough to overcome their problems, but for those of us who are less fortunate, we count our blessings through this Forum.

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