Yamaha EZ150 Review

The Yamaha EZ150 keyboard is built for the beginner. It actually helps the beginner grow into a better keyboard player. It stresses heavily on the learning process but that's not all.

It takes the fun aspect of learning into account. I am a firm believer that one's first music or keyboard lessons should be about having fun. It should never be stressful or seem like a chore. Well the Yamaha EZ150 keyboard certainly delivers in that department.

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This Yamaha portable keyboard comes with lighted keys. You can choose from 100 songs, hit start and follow the lighted keys. This is the melody of the song. The music even stops and waits for you to press the correct key. In no time you will be up and playing.

Do you need some keyboard lessons? If you're a beginner you surely do. Well you're in luck. The EZ150 portable keyboard comes with a feature called Yamaha Education Suite which is particularly useful. This incredible feature actually helps you learn how to play songs and chords. There is a total of seven lessons as well as a chord dictionary. This feature makrs learning fun and ensures that you make considerable progress.

Yamaha EZ150

The Yamaha EZ 150 keyboard includes a Portable Grand feature that makes it very easy to call up a stunning piano sound. No matter what settings you have, just press the Piano Grand button and your keyboard will play as a piano in full keyboard mode.

Other great features include 100 voices, 100 styles, 4 multi pads, and MIDI capabilities among many others.

You can check out a later model of this keyboard here. The Internet makes it easy and convenient to make a purchase.

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