Yamaha DGX-500 Review

by Cindy

Yamaha DGX-500 Review

In general I like the DGX-500 Yamaha keyboards. It does have a good sound.

I get sporadic problems with the connections, e.g. the pedal sometimes functions in reverse (not depressing pedal maintains the continuous sound, depressing the pedal - the notes play separately - notes are not held.

Sometimes the headset loses sound in the left earphone.

But, the worst part is when I record a song to a floppy disc. The song is saved in a .usr format that my computer does not read. I have yet to find a file converter to change this file to midi and then to a .wav file, so that I can enjoy and share my compositions on via computer. Please post a suggestion to be able to utilize this feature. It is really frustrating that Yamaha has a nice feature to record and save to disc (even though floppies are obsolete), and I can't even make use of it. For that I don't feel that this Yamaha is worth the money.

Yamaha DGX-500 Review

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Apr 24, 2011
Yamaha DGX500 Review
by: Donald

Owned it for quite a few years added a Roland RAsa 50 amp.and Alesis spkrs. Has been used professionally in a Banjo band. Unbelivable sound with the additional Roland and Spkrs. It has so many different rhythms and backups almost impossible to ever use all of them. Very and I emphasis VERY user friendly. Make setting down to the Yamaha exciting. Thinking of updating to later version and am doing research now. I'm sure some of the other keyboards offer pretty much same features, but compared to the Yamaha simplicity they are not as easy to use.

Yamaha DGX500 Review

Mar 28, 2011
electric connection problem
by: Anonymous

I work with this one.and I am really frustrate.the sound is great with out accompagnament. but i need abundaunce sound, I need it.
the accompagne makes me wrong key sound left hand sound. so imagine how sound comes, it's horrible.
my firends has different one.it sound great.


Jan 21, 2010
USR file
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and frustation! Could any one tell us how to make the USR file works???

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