Yamaha DGX500 Keyboard Review

The Yamaha dgx500 keyboard is loaded with incredible features and functions. It's amazing that it costs so little. Relatively speaking. This portable keyboard actually comes with piano keys. Yes, weighted keys just like an acoustic piano. If you want to develop your piano skills you need weighted keys. Light keys will never help you develop the strength required for playing the piano. New piano users will be thrilled by this feature.

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The Yamaha dgx500 keyboard comes with a feature called Portable Grand™. I love this feature very much. It doesn't matter what voices or accompaniments you were playing or what settings you had on. With one touch of the Portable Grand™ button the best piano is automatically chosen. A piano accompaniment is automatically chosen in case you need to use one. Your keyboard is now in full keyboard mode just like a piano.

Are you looking for a piano focused keyboard? Then the Yamaha dgx500 may be just what you need. As a piano manufacturer, Yamaha knows what they're about. As a matter of fact, no other portable keyboard manufacturer makes real pianos. Yamaha is recognized as the world leader in pianos. This is one of the reasons why there is no compromise when it comes to the piano voice.

Yamaha DGX500

A 3.5 floppy disk drive means that you can communicate with the world. You can download songs from the Internet onto a floppy disk and play it on your Yamaha dgx 500 portable keyboard. You can play professionally made MIDI song files on your keyboard.

This portable keyboard includes lots of other incredible features. The Yamaha Education Suite is one example. With this feature you actually learn to play songs and chords. Students will find this feature very useful.

I highly recommend this Yamaha portable keyboard. Click here to check out the new and improved Yamaha DGX 530 keyboard.

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