Yamaha DGX-230 transferring recorded songs to PC drive

by sandra

I have a DGX-230 and I have recorded into the memory 5 songs that I want to burn to a CD. I have managed to transfer backup files (?) to my PC in a temporary file in the downloader program (which I beleive includes the 5 songs), but do not know how to get any further. I only want to burn the 5 songs that I recorded myself.

I tried opening the file with Media Player, but It didn't have correct CODEC ?? or whatever.. help anyone ??

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Oct 18, 2009
Tfr recorded songs to PC
by: Sandra from Newcastle

Hello Anonymous,
After posting my original question, the only way I was able to get my pre recorded songs on the keyboard to PC was to plug a double ended headphones-type cable going from the headphone jack at the back of the keyboard into the microphone IN jack on the PC and record through a program such as Audacity. This worked well, provided the sound quality stayed within the upper and lower parameters of the audacity program, otherwise there was distortion. Hope this helps.

Oct 18, 2009
Data transfer from DGX-230 to a PC
by: Anonymous

I am also having great difficulty in transfering recorded data from the keyboard to th pc. I have read and gone through the manual several times but just cannot do it! Extremely frustrating, can anyone help - I have a DGX-230

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