Yamaha DGX220 Keyboard Review

Yamaha DGX220 review

Interested in getting a Yamaha DGX 220? Well if you're a beginner or aspiring keyboard player, this portable Yamaha keyboard also called the YPG225, is certainly worth checking out. Last time I checked it was being sold for about 300 bucks so if you're on a low budget, you should be absolutely delighted. It is part of the DGX series released for summer 2006. The other keyboards in the series are of course the DGX520 and DGX620. When you're looking to buy the latest YPG/DGX keyboards try here.

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The Yamaha DGX220 has many similar features to the DGx520 and DGX620. But while the other two come with 88 keys, it comes with 76. Well more keys don't always mean better; it depends on your needs and what exactly you're looking for. 88 keys are more suited to the keyboard player who aspires to play the piano, or piano players that want the convenience and portability of a home keyboard.

Like the DGX520, the keys on the DGX220 are lightly weighted. So if it's weighted keys you're looking for, you should be prepared to spend more money for a model like the DGX620. One that comes with a feature called Graded Hammer Effect and emulates the feel and touch of an acoustic piano.

Features on the DGX220 include an onboard sequencer that allows you to record 5 songs/6 tracks, a 2 way speaker system with bass boost, PC connectivity in the form of USB MIDI, and a music database that includes over 250 songs.

Yamaha DGX220

When it comes to sounds, this keyboard doesn't disappoint. Imagine as many as 489 instrument voices! These include 116 standard, 361 XGlite, 5 "sweet!", and 3 "cool!" voices. And with a feature called Performance Assistant, you can play along to any built-in song. It doesn't matter how good you are; you won't make a mistake. Every note, melody, or chord will be in key. So get ready to have fun!

If you are a student or beginner you should find the Yamaha Education Suite feature very useful. With this feature you actually learn how to play the keyboard. There are three keyboard lessons for each hand, lesson grading, repeat and learn exercises, as well as a chord dictionary. The chord dictionary actually tells you what chords you are playing and even shows you what notes to hold to form a particular chord. And with 30 built-in songs, plus 70 more on CD ROM you can really take your playing to a higher level.

Although this keyboard is low-priced, it has features for musicians of all levels. It's all about your particular needs. Be sure to make comparisons and choose the best keyboard for YOU. You can find the best deals on the latest YPG/DGX keyboards here.

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