Yamaha DGX205 Review

The Yamaha DGX205 keyboard comes with a number of outstanding features that you will be delighted with. Keyboard players all over the world make this their keyboard of choice. This Yamaha portable keyboard is known to deliver. 

Maybe you've been playing 61 key keyboards for some time and they just don't meet your needs anymore. Maybe you just figure out that it's pointless buying a 61 key keyboard now and then have to buy one with more keys later. Well fortunately this keyboard comes with 76 piano-size touch-sensitive keys. Just what you probably need.

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You should be absolutely impressed by the Yamaha's Portable Grand™ function. This feature makes it fast and easy to play piano on your keyboard. Just press the Portable Grand™ button and bring up a truly stunning and authentic piano sound. Your keyboard will play as a piano in full keyboard mode. It doesn't matter what settings you have before pressing that button. You will also be able to select from a number of piano accompaniments or styles.

Imagine a total of 487 voices! This is what the Yamaha DGX205 keyboard comes equipped with. These include Pan Flute, Soprano and Tenor Saxes, Trumpet, Flute, Cool! Organ and Electric Piano, 10 Drum Kits and 2 Sound Effects Kits. What's more is that the DGX205 is both General MIDI and XGlite capable.

Yamaha DGX205

Want to improve your playing skills? Well you will find the Yamaha Education Suite IV feature extremely useful. The Yamaha DGX 205 keyboard will actually help you play better. Learn to play keyboards at your own pace.

With other impressive features such as a 2-way speaker system, bass boost system, stereo speakers, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Advanced Wave Memory (AWM), you'll be on your way. Hook up your Yamaha portable keyboard to a PC or even the Internet, easily. You're provided with a PC button and a USB port. Click here to shop for Yamaha keyboards. 

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