Yamaha DGX-205 only works with batteries. Bad powerboard needing replacement

Ok, so I play on my keyboard, and it's great! But when I go to my friend's house, she has to use batteries to power her DGX-205 keyboard! She can't use power from an outlet in the wall because her powerboard (I'm guessing) is buggy. I found out that the powerboard and the battery plug-in are two different compartments, hence why the batteries work and plugging it into the wall doesn't. Anyone know where I could go to buy a new board to replace this old, most likely fried, trash board? I've been searching online for almost a whole week, and I've come up empty! I would really appreciate it if someone could post a link to a website that still services parts for the DGX-205. Thanks! Also, it's a Yamaha--Just thought I should specify that. Thank you guys so much!

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