The Yamaha DGX200 portable keyboard

The Yamaha DGX200 comes with a number of outstanding features. For example, there's a feature called Portable Grand which is one of the most realistic piano sounds that one can find on portable keyboards. No matter what voices or styles you're playing, just press the Portable Grand button and your Yamaha DGX200 will produce a piano sound that is rich and truly stunning.

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The Yamaha DGX200 is the ideal keyboard for those who want a portable music keyboard, but are not satisfied with only 61 keys. It comes with 76 piano-size Touch Sensitive keys.

If sound and versatility are important to you, you should be delighted with the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology that the Yamaha DGX200 comes with. With as many as 605 sounds, you will have all the scope for musical creativity that you need.

In addition, you get as many as 135 authentic rhythm styles. So no matter what type of music you're interested in, this keyboard will deliver. Hold down a chord or note and hear a replica of an entire band or orchestra. Hear various instruments like drums, bass, piano, guitar, brass, strings and so on, pumping through a 2-way speaker system with bass ports.

It doesn't matter whether you're a skilled keyboard player, a beginner or student; there is no need to worry. Spend time with the Yamaha Education Suite feature and your playing will improve. It features 7-step piano lessons and you learn how to play piano in a manner that is both easy and fun.

Do you want to take your music to a higher level? The DGX 200 includes a PC button through which you can connect to a PC. You can download songs from the internet or even record songs on your PC. Since your keyboard is GM (General MIDI) compatible, it will play them accurately.

Great features like Flash ROM, enable you to download songs from the internet and store as many as 99 of them. Other impressive features include pitch bend wheel, on board sequencer, headphone and sustain pedal jacks. Awesome keyboard! Check it out here. 

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