Yamaha DGX 660 Recording to USB success FINALLY!

by Judy
(Bonney Lake, WA, USA)

I was discouraged when I had attempted to record to a USB, because it would stop at seemingly random times, all less than 3 minutes from starting. So, I searched this forum and found that the brand MIGHT matter, and found that it does indeed.

I had equal success with a SANDISK 32gb USB drive and a KINGSTON MicroSD +SD Adapter+generic USB multicard reader, so long as the Microsd was no bigger than 32 gb. I tested each of these for full 80 minutes recording. I'd also recently gotten some 16 gb PNY's, which I tested for just over 5 minutes. Typically, if it'll record for 5 minutes, it'll record for the full time.

I had tried Lexar brand and maybe some others, can't remember. I've never had any trouble at all with Lexar in my computer use, so I was suprised there was an issue with that brand. The likely reason for the 32gb limit is that the DGX 660 (maybe all Yamaha, I don't know) insists on using Fat32 file system and it has a 32gb size limit.

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